Goodnotes Cover Fall Collection

  • Goodnotes Cover Fall Collection


Goodnotes Cover Fall Collection



You are getting:

  • 3 PNG transparent files

These digital covers are suitable for Goodnotes ONLY. These covers are hand drawn and will help you identify your notebooks easily within the GoodNotes app. These covers are very easy to import in your GoodNotes app. 

  1. Click on the options tab of the GoodNotes app
  2. click on template library
  3. click on covers
  4. then click on edit 
  5. click on the + button
  6. add your image from wherever you keep your covers photos.

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Due to the digital nature of this item, no refund will be granted. In case of doubt or problem please hit the contact us button and we will be more than happy to answer your concerns and questions during work hours.