Make your own planner-Starfish collection


You will get:

  • Planner element stickers-"Starfish collection"
  • PNG format of the planner element stickers 
  • Keynote format template for landscape format
  • Digital paper (write collection)
  • 3 Procreate basic layout templates 
  • 3 ready made covers to get you started

*You will need to use Procreate to make full use of this kit.

*Warning you are not allowed to sell any of the planner you create with this kit.For personal use only.

This DIY kit has been created to assist you in creating your own planner. It contains everything you need to create a truly unique planner.

We have added procreate templates to give you a starting point so that you can customise your planning experience.

  1. Resize you planner at will , you can even make some of those mini planner , keep the wood background and resize the actual planner
  2. Change the wood background and add your own images
  3. Add different decorative elements to make it truly unique
  4. Add your own links with the keynotes templates
  5. We added 2 covers to get you started , they are plain so that you can add your own text using procreate

Join the facebook group to show your layouts and participate in the development of new sets based on your preferences.

Due to the digital nature of this item, no refund will be granted. In case of doubt or problem please hit the contact us button and we will be more than happy to answer your concerns and questions during work hours.