Smart Bullet© Golden Kiss

  • Smart Bullet© Golden Kiss
Smart Bullet© Golden Kiss Smart Bullet© Golden Kiss Smart Bullet© Golden Kiss Smart Bullet© Golden Kiss Smart Bullet© Golden Kiss


Smart Bullet© Golden Kiss



You are getting:

  • A Goodnotes file containing the smart bullet and the stickers 
  • A Goodnotes file containing the premium pomegranate and honey collection 
  • A PDF with hyperlink
  • Single PNG file of the planner sticker
  • Single PNG file of the pomegranate and honey collection
  • Collection cover for the pomegranate and honey collection
  • 2 covers images (PNG format)

*Please make sure to watch all the help videos located inside of the planner before using it....

This smart bullet©has been designed to allow for flexible planning. The main purpose of the smart bullet is to finally plan and organise instead of just scheduling tasks in a traditional planner. 

Here is a list of all the features of the Smart Bullet©

    1. sleek design and premium sticker set created for the Smart Bullet©, not an after thought!
    2. Change the layout of the Smart Bullet© according to your workflow and get it just right for your particular needs.
    3. Choose between two premium cover designs
    4. Use the Kanban Board feature to organise your workflow and work from stages to stages without confusion
    5. Prioritise your tasks with the Eisenhower matrix at any time if you are lost and don't know how to start planning or where to focus your effort
    6. Use it to plan anything and everything, designed to be way more than a planner the Smart Bullet© can be used to plan your life and each aspects of it , you are free to organise your workflow as you wish , we give you complete control and flexibility.
    7. The Smart Bullet contains two indexes that are linked through corresponding colors so that you can use our planning system easily. Our system is straight forward and simply works.
      1. create a master strategy 
      2. analyse each elements of your strategy 
      3. develop and keep track in your BIG 31

For more information about the smart bullet visit the Progipad Youtube channel and get inspired as we add inspirational content to the channel on a regular basis.

This Smart Bullet© contains hyperlinks that allow you to navigate from pages to pages through the two main index pages. On each  index page, you can write a short description of each page that you use for planning purposes so that you can go back to them easily and keep your thoughts organised.

You will be sent a link after purchase and will be able to download your items immediately after your purchase is confirmed and cleared.

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Due to the digital nature of this item, no refund will be granted. In case of doubt or problem please hit the contact us button and we will be more than happy to answer your concerns and questions during work hours.