The ELISA-brunette character basics [procreate design pack]


  • 1 Procreate project file
  • 2 Procreate colour palette


These Procreate design kits have been created to help you customise your templates to fit your needs. Create new templates every time matching the colour palette of your choice. NO NEED TO BE A PROCREATE EXPERT. All the hard work has been done for you!

All the elements you need to create stunning templates are including within the design.

  • Shadows
  • gradations
  • Rasterised text and customisable text (change fonts if you want)
  • Add background images when prompted
  • Customise the colours, add or remove elements as you see fit
  1. Download the procreate file
  2. Open with procreate with your iPad pro
  3. Start customising your templates!

Perfect for you if:

  • You are not a procreate expert
  • You struggle to add shadows and dimensions to your designs
  • You have bought the app and never got the chance to really learn how to use it
  • Procreate brushes are a mystery to you...
  • You already love procreate and wish to save more time
  • You are creative and wish to add more elements to the existing templates

Join the facebook group to show your layouts and participate in the development of new sets based on your preferences.

*These packs are for personal use only, reselling stickers made with this pack or the pack in itself is strictly forbidden.

Due to the digital nature of this item, no refund will be granted. In case of doubt or problem please hit the contact us button and we will be more than happy to answer your concerns and questions during work hours.